10 Important Acupressure Points For Tennis Elbow

If you are suffering from tennis elbow, then a chiropractor skilled in acupuncture can help. Acupuncture therapy in Palos Verdes has grown considerably through the years because it is an effective solution for pain relief.

You can try out these ten acupressure points for tennis elbow and end your search for acupuncture Palos Verdes or chiropractor Palos Verdes with a chiropractor who can administer acupuncture for tennis elbow and give you the best care.

(1) Large intestine point 11 between the hollow at the outer end of the bend in the elbow is the most effective point to use for tennis elbow. Others include:
(2) Large intestine point 5 located on the radial side of the wrist between two tendons,
(3) large intestine point 6 located 3 inches from large intestine point 5 on the forearm,
(4) lung point 5 just outside brachii tendon near the bicep muscle,
(5) lung point 6 five inches down the arm from lung point 5 in line with it,
(6) heart point 3 found inside the fleshy part of the extended elbow at the top of the humerus bone.
(7) triple warmer point 6 located in the middle of the radius and ulna,
(8) triple warmer point 10 located about 1/2 inch above the inside of the extended arm,
(9) large intestine point 10 on the forearm about one inch below the elbow on the outer side, and
(10) large intestine point 12 located just above the elbow bone on the outside of a bent arm.

All of these points are effective for treating tennis elbow, with number 1, number 7, and number 10 being cited as the most effective. But, for the best results, it is wise to use the services of a trained professional who can correctly identify all the energy points in the body.

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