Many children want to participate in sports, but parents may be wondering if it’s a good idea. After all, sports can lead to injuries, and parents want to keep their little ones safe.

In general, sports are a great option for children. With this in mind, parents should still know the sports that are likely to produce the most injuries.

Here are five sports with the most injuries.

Football is a fun sport for many children, but it’s also one that is likely to produce many injuries.

If children aren’t careful, they could experience a dislocated shoulder, ligament tears, severe sprains, and fractures. They are also at risk of cuts and bruises while playing football. Thankfully, sports medicine for athletes in Palos Verdes are available to treat these types of injuries.

The most dangerous football injuries are concussions. These injures could lead to long-term brain damage. Several NFL players have suffered from permanent brain damage as a result of this popular sport.

The best way to protect little ones from these injuries is to use proper equipment such as helmets and padding. It is also a good idea to encourage children to stretch before and after practices and games.

The next sport with the most documented injuries is basketball.

The sport has been shown to result in ankle and foot sprains, strains, and ACL tears among children.

Children can lower their chances of experiencing these injuries by wearing shock-absorbent shoes and wrapping their feet and ankles with tape before engaging in this sport.

Many people are unaware that lacrosse can also produce serious injuries among children.

Children who play this sport may experience knee tears, lower back pain, hip strains, and head concussions.

As with football, concussions are the most dangerous injuries. As a result, proper helmets and padding is a must-have in this sport.

If children are experiencing any of these injuries, it’s extremely important to respond quickly by taking them to a Palos Verdes sports injury doctor. They may need to take a break from the sport to speed up the healing process.

Baseball and Softball
Baseball and softball may also result in many injuries.

These such injuries may include rotator cuff tears, lower back discomfort, and elbow strains. Young participants of this sport may also suffer from a torn ACL or MCL, and then surgery may be necessary. A sports doctor in Palos Verdes can ensure that children heal smoothly.

One way to prevent these injuries is to advise children to practice good form when pitching and batting. In addition, children should avoid playing when they are tired or in pain.

Despite common belief, cheerleading can also cause many sports injuries among children.

Due to the nature of cheerleading, children may experience a broken bone because of a hard fall. Cheerleading can also cause severe ankle sprains and back problems.

To lower the chances of traumatic injuries, teammates should spot each other while performing stunts. There should also be an emergency plan in place in case a serious fall or injury does occur. Always keep in mind that sports medicine in Palos Verdes can help if an emergency does happen.

Children can reduce their chances of these injuries by resting their ankles after performances and practices as well as stretching before and after cheerleading activities.

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