How Much is Overdoing It When it Comes to Massage, Physical Therapy, Pilates, & More for Physical Rehab

There’s no denying that physical therapy in Palos Verdes can be a good thing if you’re in the process of recovering from an injury or trying to manage chronic pain better. However, the best physical therapists near you will admit there is such a thing is overdoing it with physical rehab that involves physical therapy, massage therapy, Pilates, and similar techniques. Here’s how you can tell if you may be going a bit too far with physical therapy for auto accidents in Palos Verdes or similar types of injuries or recurring aches and pains.

Look for Signs Suggesting You’re Overdoing It
If you’re already participating in a comprehensive physical therapy plan that also includes massage therapy, Pilates, and other therapies and techniques, you may be feeling like it’s a bit too much. Keep in mind that the “no pain, no gain” proverb that basically means suffering is part of success should not apply to rehabilitation!

While it’s understandable to have some degree of soreness when you first start a program, it’s not normal for lingering pain and discomfort to be part of the healing and recovery process. Signs you may be overdoing it include:

  • Pain and/or discomfort sticking around for more than a few hours after your PT session
  • Muscle tiredness (fatigue) experienced while attempting to tone/strengthen your body
  • Warmth and/or swelling around the joints being targeted with your rehab program
  • Muscle soreness still evident a few days post-PT
  • Overheating while in a dry sauna or hot tub
  • Noticing excessive bruising following a deep tissue massage

Balanced Physical Therapy Is More Effective
If you are noticing any of the issues mentioned above, it’s time to work with physical therapists in Palos Verdes with a different approach to rehab, healing, and recovery. At PV Chiro, our approach to physical therapy in Palos Verdes is to steer patients towards a balanced physical therapy program. An effective PT program should be focused on:

  • Realistic long-term results
  • Controlled and safe rehabilitation
  • Strengthening the body slowly and steadily over time

Yes, your rehab program should target areas affected by stubborn injuries with exercises that are demanding to some extent. However, you shouldn’t be experiencing lingering or worsening soreness. We offer balanced physical therapy and rehabilitation programs that include expert, supervised instruction and appropriate motivation.

Each part of your program will be designed to achieve healing and recovery goals based on your problem areas. Pilates, for instance, can be effective for lower back pain, recovery from joint replacement surgery, or arthritis conditions. We also use deep tissue massage to deal with connective tissue restrictions (myofascial release) in a way that won’t be traumatic for the body.

PV Chiro’s physical therapists in Palos Verdes work with patients to put together comprehensive rehab plans tailored to unique goals, needs, and abilities. At the same time, you’ll work with a therapist or chiropractor in Palos Verdes who will remind you to report any unusual discomfort and go at a pace that’s right for you so you’ll be more likely to enjoy optimal benefits in a way that’s safe and effective. Contact PV Chiro today to learn more.

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