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Pain Relief Chiropractics in Palos Verdes

Chiropractors continue to provide valuable services to people that medical doctors cannot. This enables them to fill a gap to help people find relieve them from pain and other problems without medications. They focus on helping people naturally and this approach has helped countless people.

The Focus

As is true with any chiropractor, the chiropractic in Palos Verdes focuses on the belief that the body, when given the opportunity, can heal itself. For this reason, chiropractors do not perform surgery of any kind or provide drugs. Instead, they focus on helping to ensure that the body does not have problems with the skeletal, muscular, or nervous systems. Once these are free to work unhindered and normal functioning is permitted, a healthy body will be the result.

This belief is behind the physical manipulation of the spine. A chiropractor Palos Verdes will also look at your health from a holistic point of view, knowing that many things affect your overall health. Many times, however, a chiropractor will work with a medical doctor when needed.

The Treatments

Chiropractors are mostly known for working on the spine, which is referred to as an adjustment. Before doing anything, you may be given some diagnostic testing. This may include an x-ray and possibly more advanced scanning techniques. A physical exam and lab testing may also be given. The chiropractor wants to know what is involved before conducting any corrective techniques.

Spine and Sports Medicine

The most common thing that a chiropractor will do is to bring realignment to the spine. A misalignment will most often result in back pain caused by incorrectly lifting an object or by a sports injury or a fall. When the spine is not aligned properly, it can result in a nerve being pinched and may limit blood flow. It can also result in inflammation of tissue in that area.

Through manipulation of the spine, a patient will often have nearly instant relief because the pressure is taken off of the nerve. The blood can flow again normally and the nutrients will usually help to reduce and eliminate the inflammation.

Nutritional and Lifestyle Counseling

Your chiropractor will also be glad to help you with nutritional counseling and lifestyle advice. Due to poor eating habits and a rather sedate lifestyle, these habits can cause the muscles that support the spine and organs to become weak. This makes it easier to hurt your back and other joints and muscles because of a lack of exercise. Poor posture also does not help.

Therapeutic exercises may be recommended by the chiropractor to help strengthen those muscles. When strengthened, and taught how to properly lift heavy objects, it can greatly reduce the likelihood of back pain and help prevent back injuries. If you are in need of a chiropractor in your area, simply search “best chiropractor near me” online or feel feel to give us a call if you’re in the Palos Verdes area.

Health Conditions Treated

Besides working with the spine and spinal pain, chiropractors also help bring relief to other areas of the body. You might be surprised to find out that your condition may be caused by something other than what you imagined. This will likely be the case if you have had the condition for a long time and have not had any relief from it yet. Chiropractors treat many health conditions successfully. They include:

  • Joint stiffness
  • Neck pain
  • Muscle tightness
  • Headaches
  • Sports injuries
  • Personal injuries

People often find that after getting treatment from a chiropractor for one problem that another problem will disappear. Because all nerve transmission flows through the spine, treating the spine can often bring relief to other areas.

Some other forms of treatment may also be used, depending on the problem. Treatment may involve soft-tissue manipulation, taping or bracing of joints, and exercises and stretches. The goal of all treatment is not just to treat a problem, but also to help a patient prevent future problems.


If a chiropractor finds that you cannot be helped, or that you have a condition that needs other types of treatment, you will quickly be referred to other medical professionals as needed.

On some occasions, treatment may be necessary from a combination of a chiropractor and other medical specialists. When needed, our team will gladly work with other medical teams to ensure your overall healing and good health.

Chiropractic care is now a highly specialized and developed method for treating many problems. This field continues to grow and be in demand as people from all walks of life find that they can get relief from chiropractic treatments and their lifestyle advice.

When you have problems with ongoing back pain – or any other kind – you can find help at our chiropractic in Palos Verdes office. We provide a warm and friendly atmosphere and we provide all of our services in a professional manner. Let us help you to get a pain-free life. Contact our office today with your questions or to set up a consultation with a chiropractor Palos Verdes.

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