Pain Relief Chiropractic in Palos Verdes

Your back is hurting. It could be that you're getting older. It could be because you're suffering from a condition like arthritis or because you're doing too much heavy lifting at work. Any activity that places too much strain on your head, neck, or spine seems to catch up with you later in life. Some people don't feel the strain of these activities until they reach middle age or retirement. Each of us has a different body with its own ability to withstand stress, repetitive movement, pain, and inflammation. Honestly, when you're in pain, you need immediate relief. You want to be able to find reliable medical treatment without breaking the bank or compromising your health. However, Western medical treatments such as anti-inflammatory pills and cortisone injections might not be the chemicals you prefer to put into your body, especially because of their potential side effects. Like many, you might prefer a more holistic approach. You want relief from pain for a reasonable cost and to improve or at least stabilize your condition. When choosing our chiropractor Palos Verdes who is qualified to perform spinal manipulation, you can find real relief.

Finding the Best Chiropractor Near You

Before you choose any practitioner of chiropractic in Palos Verdes, be sure to understand everything that is involved. Typically, you will go for a visit to the chiropractor, get a set of x-ray images taken, discuss your medical history and current symptoms with the practitioner, and then commence your treatment plan. A chiropractor Palos Verdes will perform a spinal manipulation with his or her hands and/or various assistive devices in order to bring your spine back into correct alignment. This non-invasive approach includes relieving pressure on spinal nerves, which extend outward from your spine to all extremities. Any pinched nerves can cause great pain in the surrounding tissues. Other therapies may include treatment with hot or cold applications, acupuncture, massage, hydrotherapy, vibration, and infrared technology. Some chiropractic physicians even help you with natural therapies such as changing your diet and mindset and using herbal supplements to treat symptoms. Chiropractors do not prescribe medicine or perform surgeries.

You Won't Be Putting Yourself at Risk

Normally, the spine is misaligned. You could do this simply by bending or twisting your body the wrong way or sleeping in the wrong position. Often, your spine will correct itself without any intervention. However, with inflamed muscles, the soft tissues of your body can seem like they are pulling your spine out of the correct alignment. A chiropractic manipulation involves the physician using a controlled thrust to the appropriate joint in your spine. The spine is actually a connected set of vertebrae, each of which is a joint in its own right. Applying more force to these vertebrae than your body would be able to do through your own natural movements can have diverse therapeutic effects, including relieving pain and inflammation and improving immune function. You also want to achieve a sense of balance through chiropractic care, leveling out the needs of the mind, body, and spirit.

Understanding How Spinal Health Helps You

Your spine is actually a complex system. The vertebrae, or bones, have soft tissue between them, which are referred to as intervertebral discs. These discs are made of fibrocartilage. Where each vertebra connects to a disc, there is the formation of a fibrocartilaginous joint. Having a series of interconnected joints allows the spine to make small movements. Also, these intervertebral discs help the spine to absorb the shock of motion or trauma and to prevent rubbing of bone on bone (or vertebrae on vertebrae). It's just like when the collarbone snaps first to absorb any trauma to the chest/shoulder/neck. There's no reason to be worried about spinal manipulation as long as you're consulting our trained specialists. Osteopathic physicians and physical therapists also perform spinal manipulations.

What to Do Before Seeing a Chiropractor

Before you go to visit a new chiropractor, it helps to sit down and write a chronological order of your medical history. This list should include any physical injuries and surgeries that may be in your past. Your doctor will want to understand how past traumas have impacted your spinal health. When you meet with this alternative medicine physician, you should expect to experience some new sensations from spinal manipulations. However, some newer technologies such as an activator, which gives a low-force impulse, can also help to reset the vertebral joints into correct alignment.

Our fully licensed, trained, and insured doctors specializing in chiropractic in Palos Verdes may be able to help you achieve better spinal health. Many headaches, muscle aches, and types of joint pain are effectively relieved through regular chiropractic treatments. It's a matter of discussing what you need and matching with the right physician.

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