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After experiencing an injury or just onset pain, a visit to a physical therapy center is a great idea. A physical therapist can evaluate your situation and prescribe a treatment plan to get you back out of your limited range of motion. If you're unsure whether or not physical therapy is a good choice for you, continue to read on. We're sure you'll find out that it can actually be a big benefit in your healing process.

What Happens During My First Visit?

When you seek physical therapy Palos Verdes, your first visit will likely be the longest. You'll be paired with an experienced physical therapist who will be asking you questions about your medical issue. Expect them to do some manual evaluation of your body to check for things like restrictions in your natural range of motion.

During this initial consultation, your therapist will develop a unique treatment plan that fits your injury. You'll be going back to your therapist a few times per week to go through the treatment plan. As your body continues to heal, your therapist may be able to give you instructions on how to avoid similar injuries in the future.

Is Physical Therapy Covered Under My Insurance?

One of your first questions when thinking about undergoing physical therapy is the cost. If you have health insurance, your physical therapy will likely be covered. In most cases, you'll just need to have a professional referral by your doctor for the coverage to kick in. You should talk with your specific insurance provider to see what is covered under your individual insurance policy.

What Are the Benefits of Doing Physical Therapy?

Palos Verdes physical therapy can provide you with so many benefits. Understanding what you can gain both physically and mentally from this type of therapy is essential to your well-being. When you're more informed, you tend to make better decisions about how to heal from your injury. Here are some of the most common advantages of physical therapy that you can enjoy.

Goals: While your most obvious goal is to get healthy again, that's sometimes a long ways away depending on the severity of your injury and your age. With the help of your physical therapist, you can set individual goals along the healing process so that you can stay in a positive mental state. When you hit smaller goals of reducing pain levels, it can help you mentally and physically to see the difference. It's amazing to know that you're healing and won't be stuck with your injury forever.

Better Movement: A big mistake that many people make when it comes to healing is not moving enough. They believe they should safeguard their injury and restrict moving that area of their body. While in the initial stage following an injury may require restricted movement, your whole healing process shouldn't be like that. You should slowly start to incorporate movement of the area to steadily maintain circulation and healing of the body. Otherwise, the muscles will get tight and cause the joints in that area of your body to overwork. This can lead to more pain and restriction in movement.

Creates Routine: When you go through a big injury, you may find that it shakes you up mentally. Not being able to work for months on end can be a trying time. When you go to physical therapy, you create a daily routine. You'll have regular visits to look forward to where you can get the mental support of your therapist. You'll also have a daily list of exercises to complete to keep your body moving fluidly.

Preventative Knowledge: While you can't prevent your current injury, you can learn about ways to avoid it in the future. A physical therapist can instruct you on more efficient ways to move your body so that you can avoid injuries. They also can describe to you an ideal workout plan that builds up your strength in specific areas so you can reduce your risk of injury in the future.

Enhanced Pain Management: If you're dealing with a chronic condition, it can be frustrating. Dealing with pain regularly can cause you to take medication regularly. With the help of a highly trained physical therapist, you can learn how to utilize therapeutic exercise and physical therapy techniques to better manage your daily pain. This can assist you in reducing you reliance on prescription medication to treat your condition.

Physical therapy is a very helpful branch of medicine that can allow patients to recover from injuries and regain their regular physical abilities. If you are suffering from an injury or dealing with chronic pain, then physical therapy is a good idea for you. We encourage you to give your local physical therapy office a call today to set up an initial appointment with a chiropractor Palos Verdes.

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