Spinal Decompression For Back Pain in Palos Verdes

Feeling Back Pain? Get Relief Using Spinal Decompression

Get Help From a Spinal Decompression Chiropractor

Most of us have experienced back pain in some form throughout our life. Our back is part of our essential core muscles, which can get overloaded from time to time. If you're dealing with chronic or severe back pain, you can get help from a spinal decompression Palos Verdes center. Many people have enjoyed the relief that this type of procedure can provide.

What is Spinal Decompression?

Spinal decompression is a type of non-surgical medical treatment that can provide back pain relief when other methods of treatment have failed. A very skilled spinal decompression chiropractor will provide you with this treatment option that is both effective and safe for your body. This type of treatment zeros in on remedying spinal disc disorders that can be causing you discomfort.

The idea is that your back pain is rooted in a pressure that is on various discs in your spine. By decompressing, the pressure can be taken off and allow the pain to subside. This type of treatment is highly recommended for those who are currently dealing with any of the following medical issues:

  • Spinal joint tears
  • Nerve root issues in the spine
  • Sciatica
  • Herniated discs

A Closer Look at Your Spine

A human spine is very strong. It takes on the burden of flexible mobility and your body weight. The spine itself is made up of an intricate system of discs and vertebrae. The actual discs in your spine are meant to provide cushioning in between each vertebrae.

When your discs are healthy, you won't have any pain. However, when even just one of your discs is thrown off, it can mess up the entire spinal system. If left untreated, this can turn into multiple disc problems that can create massive amounts of pain for the individual.

Spinal Decompression is a Great Option

If you are interested in spinal decompression, simply search online for “spinal decompression near me” to find a reputable chiropractor who is knowledgeable in this procedure or you can give us a call. This type of back pain relief can assist you in eliminating daily medications that you're currently using to manage your pain. Let's take a look at what happens when you go into your visit for a spinal decompression treatment.

You'll meet with an experienced physician who will evaluate the current state of your spinal components. This physical exam will help the doctor to determine if spinal decompression is a necessary treatment option for you. They'll be looking to locate any sort of pressure on your spinal discs. This will tell them where the source of your back pain is coming from.

What Happens During the Treatment?

So, you may be convinced at this point that spinal decompression is a great treatment option for you. However, you may be a little skeptical about having it done. Understanding what happens during the spinal decompression treatment itself can go a long way in easing your nerves regarding this form of medical treatment.

To start, you'll need to lie flat on a special table used for spinal decompression. The physician will install a harness around the trunk section of your body. Then, they'll install an additional harness around your pelvis. The specialized table is actually mechanically controlled by your doctor. The components will move as your doctor addresses various sections of your vertebrae that are causing problems.

How Long Does it Last?

Most sessions will last around 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the number of areas that will be treated by your doctor. It's recommended to go through a series of daily spinal decompression sessions for that treatment to be successful. You can expect to go back for several weeks until the entire treatment is completed. Some individuals may only require six weeks of treatments, while others may require more. Your physician should be able to give you a clear idea of how many sessions you'll need to undergo.

Is Spinal Decompression Covered Under My Insurance?

As a general rule of thumb, this type of treatment will be covered by your health insurance policy as long as your family physician provides you with a referral for it. Without a referral for this specialized treatment, you may find that your insurance will require you to pay out of pocket. It's best to contact your health insurance provider to determine if they'll cover the service or not.

Since spinal decompression requires daily treatments over many weeks, the cost of it can add up very quickly. It pays to get insurance in place that will cover the treatment so that you don't have to pay out of pocket for it. If you're experiencing endless back pain, talk to your family physician today about getting a referral for a spinal decompression chiropractor Palos Verdes.

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