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Diagnosing, preventing, and treating sports and exercise-related injuries is what sports medicine is all about. This field focuses on managing injuries that athletes acquire. It also works to provide exercise intervention to keep people from developing chronic conditions like obesity, hypertension, and diabetes.

Whether you're an amateur athlete, professional athlete, or just a fanatic about the gym, a sports medicine clinic can help you in so many ways. Our team can assist you in recovering from an injury that you may be experiencing, prevent future injuries from happening by strengthening your body, and teaching you specific performance techniques. Sports medicine professionals can also assist you in improving your current athletic performance levels.

What Types of Treatments Are Available?

At our sports medicine Palos Verdes facility, you'll find a variety of treatments available to you. The type of treatment that you undergo will depend on what your goals are. You can speak with a local sports medicine professional to identify what types of treatments are going to be most helpful for your situation. Here are the most common that you'll see available at local facilities.

Joint Injections

This is a type of injection that is performed under a local anesthetic to treat inflammation of the joint. The injections are comprised of corticosteroids or hyaluronic acid. These injections are recommended to treat and manage conditions like tendonitis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, osteoarthritis, and bursitis.

Trigger Point Injections

If you've spent any time learning about self-care techniques to keep your body in good condition, you've likely heard the term 'trigger point'. These are areas of the muscle that are very sensitive to pressure or touch. These trigger points can develop in the muscles due to several different causes. Some of these include overuse, muscle tension, muscle spasms, and injuries. You'll experience most of these trigger points in your neck, shoulders, and back.

Trigger point injections are aimed at relaxing the muscle and, therefore, reducing the pain it's currently producing. The injection is filled with a medication, such as cortisone, that is directly injected into the trigger point. The trigger point can be located in the joint or muscle of your body.

Joint Aspiration

You'll likely find joint aspirations available at a sports medicine center. Similar to joint injections, these are also performed under a local anesthetic. Instead of injecting fluid, this procedure involves removing fluid from around the joint. The fluid that is removed from the joint area is sent to a lab for analysis. This treatment works to provide pain relief and increase a patient's mobility. It also allows the treating professional to identify why there is an abnormal buildup of fluid around the patient's joint.

Ligament Injections

Also referred to as tendon injections, ligament injections are aimed at repairing and alleviating pain from connective tissue injuries. More specifically, these injections are done to collagen-centered tissues such as the elbow, knee, and ankle. These injuries tend to be harder for traditional doctors to diagnose due to the difficult position of these connective tissues. When speaking with a physician, they'll base their diagnosis off a physical exam and the patient's history.

Nerve Hydrodissection

This treatment is intended to relieve pain and treat nerve entrapments and carpal tunnel syndrome. There are various areas of the body where nerves travel through canals or tunnels. This procedure is done by injecting specific fluids into the area around the nerves. These work to assist in the release of adhesions. By reducing the pressure on the nerves of the body, it allows the nerves to actually regenerate. Therefore, this treatment relieves the pain associated with the specific nerve that is treated.

Steroid Injections

You may hear these commonly referred to as cortisone treatments. These steroid injections work to treat inflammation in the tendons, joints, and bursa. These injections can be administered in a few different ways. These include intravenous injections, intra articular injections, and intramuscular injections. These injections tend to last for months at a time. You can expect to feel the relief from pain within a few hours to a few days after the injections are administered.

As you can see, sports medicine involves many feasible treatments for improving performance and treating both acute and chronic injuries. If you've recently experienced an acute injury such as a torn ligament, tendon strain, ligament sprain, contusion, concussion, broken bones, fractures, or cartilage injuries, then you should seek the assistance of a sports medicine doctor. If you have a chronic condition including stress fractures, bursitis tendonitis, nerve entrapment, or arthritis, you can drastically benefit from some of the treatments listed out above. Realize that the first step in feeling better starts with contacting your local chiropractor Palos Verdes.

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